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Building a website together!

We will take care of everything including the following:

  • Registering the name of your new site. This is much like registering a new business, but you must re-register every year, otherwise your name could be re-sold. We will advise you on this for future years.

  • An index page for your new web site; this is what the search engines look for, or in other words, how people will find you. This is, therefore, the most important page of your new site and has to be built to attract visitors to your site.

  • Plus up to three further pages, including graphics and a company logo, if required.

  • Fonts (the shape and style of the text letters) and colours of your choice, or that can be left to us.

  • A direct link on your new web to your new email address so that your customers can contact you easily and quickly, directly from your site

  • Up to seven email addresses for your business. Perhaps one for "Enquiries" and one for "Prices" and so on. You chose, we will set it all up for you.

  • Auto responders; this is an automatic email, from your business, which is sent in response to an enquiry from a customer. This might include something like - "We're sorry the office is now closed, but we have received your enquiry and will contact you shortly."

  • We will optimise the web site with appropriate titles, keywords, descriptions and text in order to make your web site “finder friendly”.

  • A years' hosting. This is payment to a company who owns servers; space where web sites "live". Only large companies can afford to have their own servers, small businesses almost always pay someone else for space on their server.

  • Submission to all the major search engines. (approximately 100 will be used!) This means that we will inform search engines such as Google, Lycos, Hotbot Yahoo etc, that you exist, so that they can put you on their list. This is not dissimilar to having your phone number entered in the phone book. However, search engines update their lists very often and to maintain your position this must be done on a regular basis.

Click here Hirondelle Farm to see an example of a French holiday home web site
designed and built by our sister company Webs2Order.com.

Website design and hosting by www.webs2order.com

Home Property For Sale Website Design Advertising Changeover Property Costs Contact Us Testimonials

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