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How we manage the busiest day of the week!

People are much more demanding these days in respect of holiday accommodation. They expect spotlessly clean, well equipped and maintained holiday homes. We make sure they are not disappointed!

Which Day?

  • Saturday is the usual day for changeovers, however, there are only so many hours in the day. Therefore, alternative days should be chosen. Travelling mid week can often be cheaper so this will not necessarily have a negative impact upon holiday bookings.


Checking Out

  • Guests normally leave about 10.am. Occasionally some families leave very early, in which case, check out would be conducted the evening before.

  • It can embarrassing to inspect a property thoroughly when the guests, who may have become good friends during their stay, are present. A certain amount of trust has to be invested, so a cursory look around is best at this stage.

  • Deposits for damage would be returned at this time.

Electricity Charges

  • It is prudent to make a separate charge for electricity based on the units used. The electricity meter would be read and charges paid at check out time.


  • Most people will admit to breaking a wine glass and most proprietors would not charge for a replacement. However, some guests have been known to break slats on the bed and stick them together with Sellotape hoping that it would go unnoticed. Damage is something which, sadly, must be expected, whether admitted to or not.

  • General wear and tear has to be anticipated too. Toilet brushes need replacing regularly, and tea towels often have to be discarded after use.


  • The property will be cleaned top to bottom to the highest standard on the departure of every guest. Bedding, towels and bath mats will be sent to the laundry. Occasional laundry items such as cushion covers will be sent to the laundry as dictated by their condition.

  • Beds will be made up ready for the new guests. Hand, bath and kitchen tea towels will be supplied along with bath mats.

Other Extras

  • You may decide to offer optional extras, such as the supply of logs for the woodburner during the colder months.

Welcome Pack

  • Tea, coffee, sugar, milk, bottled water and some local wine is a nice welcome for each family. Flowers are a good idea too.


  • Soap, kitchen paper towels, toilet rolls and cleaning materials would be supplied in the property.


  • Lawns will be mown when necessary. Low maintenance gardens should be planted where possible.


  • Minor maintenance on the property, such as replacing light bulbs, will be carried out where possible between changeovers. Major works, if necessary, will be completed after discussion with the owner of the property.

Call Outs

  • A time may arise when a guest requires immediate help or some maintenance task completed which would involve a visit to the property. An additional charge may be made in this situation.

Welcoming New Guests

  • All guests are asked to indicate their expected arrival time and will be welcomed and shown around the property. A Check-in form for noting the electricity meter reading and for adding the cost of optional extras is used.


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